Yamuna Expressway Industrial Plots

Property Overview

Yamuna Authority offers industrial plots in sectors 9, 10, 28, 29, 32, and 33, which are situated along the Yamuna Expressway. The industrial plots range from 5,000 sqm to 20,000 sqm and have been designed to meet the requirements of various industries such as food processing, electronics, IT, automobiles, engineering, biotechnology and more.

Property Details

The industrial plots have access to 24-hour power supply, water supply, and an efficient drainage system. The authority has taken steps to provide a safe and secure working environment for employees. The industrial plots are well-connected to major cities in the region, such as NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, Faridabad, Khurja, Dadri, Aligarh, Mathura, and Agra, through a network of excellent roads. In addition, the Noida International Airport is also well-connected to neighboring cities in the NCR.

YEIDA has also taken steps to make sure that the industrial plots are eco-friendly and provide a healthy working environment. The landscape has been designed to include green belts, parks, and water fountains. Some Major Features of Industrial Plots in YEIDA is given below:-

Yamuna Expressway Industrial (YEIDA) Plots In Sector-28​

Yamuna Expressway Industrial (YEIDA) Plots in Sector 28 is a rapidly developing area with a focus on industrial and commercial growth. The area offers industrial plots of various sizes for those seeking to establish manufacturing units or logistics centers. The sector is located close to the Yamuna Expressway and the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, providing easy connectivity to Delhi and other important cities. The sector is also near the upcoming Jewar Airport and enjoys excellent infrastructure, including power supply, a gas pipeline network, and water resources. YEIDA is developing Sector 28 as a self-sustainable zone with green parks, community centers, shopping complexes, and other facilities to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for industries and their workforce.

Yamuna Expressway Industrial (YEIDA) Plots In Sector-29

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA). Sector 29 is a major industrial hub, with a focus on sectors such as IT, electronics, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

YEIDA Sector 29 is well-connected to major cities such as Delhi and Agra through the Yamuna Expressway, a six-lane highway that has helped boost industrial development in the region. The sector offers several advantages to businesses, including access to a large workforce, a supportive infrastructure, and a conducive business environment.

Yamuna Expressway Industrial (YEIDA) Plots In Sector-32

In sector 32 of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Plots (YEIDA), around 20,000 industrial plots have been allocated. This area is highly sought after due to the upcoming Jewar International Airport, Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Indoor Stadium, Formula 1 racing track, museum, and film city, making the Yamuna Expressway a bustling location. Additionally, there are gated societies like Green Bay that provide a desirable living environment. The Yamuna Expressway presents numerous investment opportunities with exciting developments such as the Buddh International F1 Circuit, the Night Safari project, and the Jaypee Sports City. The plots in this area are experiencing rapid growth and expansion.

Yamuna Expressway Industrial (YEIDA) Plots In Sector-33

Yamuna Authority Industrial Plots Sector 33 (YEIDA) has been allocated 20,000 industrial plots. The Yamuna Expressway is a highly sought-after location due to various upcoming attractions, including the Jewar International Airport, Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex Indoor Stadium, Formula 1 racing track, museum, and film city. Additionally, there are gated communities like Green Bay, which offer a desirable living environment. The Yamuna Expressway presents numerous opportunities for investment with exciting developments such as the Buddh International F1 Circuit, the Night Safari project, and the Jaypee Sports City. The plots in this area are witnessing rapid growth and expansion, making it a promising location for investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Plots are located along the Yamuna Expressway in Uttar Pradesh, India. These plots are intended for industrial use and are part of a planned industrial development area.
Yamuna Expressway Industrial Plots are available for purchase by individuals, companies, and organizations looking to establish industrial operations in the YEIDA region. Both domestic and international buyers can acquire these plots.
The industrial plots along Yamuna Expressway offer various amenities and features, such as excellent connectivity to major cities like Noida, Greater Noida, Agra, Mathura, proximity to the upcoming Jewar International Airport, dedicated industrial infrastructure, and access to essential utilities like power, water, and sewage facilities.
For acquisition process contact ERM Global Investors at 97111-99915 for the allocation of industrial plots along the Yamuna Expressway. or Interested parties can submit applications, participate in auctions, follow specific guidelines outlined by the Yamuna Authority.
Investing in Yamuna Expressway Industrial Plots may offer various benefits, such as access to government incentives, tax benefits, and the opportunity to be part of a growing industrial hub with promising economic prospects. Additionally, the strategic location and connectivity of these plots can provide a competitive advantage for businesses.

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